Bomberman Does A Thing!

2014-01-21 08:52:48 by Psyguy

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Animated by CrikeyDave Tweet! deviantArt!

Written / Sound Design by SuperPsyguy Tweet! Tumblr!


Bomberman: GameBuddy

Sirius: The Completionist

Max: CrikeyDave

Producer: Dillon Barber

Voices! For free! FOR YOU!

2013-07-17 15:53:44 by Psyguy

Looking for someone to voice in your project? Well look no further! I'm open totally free for most projects! If it's a commercial to be aired then e-mail me and we'll talk about details. But, yeah, if it's a free project I'm open to pretty much anything!

Drop me a line!

Clips from:
Eddsworld - 25ft under the seat
Spyro Does a Thing
Eddsworld - Zanta Claws
Ninja Bridge 6 - WEEABOO NO JUTSU
Go go Parody Rangers
Morrigan Does A Thing
NiN10Doh - ToThe64thPower
Wario Does A Thing
$00pah NiN10Doh!

Music is:
Doin' It Right (Sim Gretina Remix)

Voices! For free! FOR YOU!


2012-05-25 22:02:28 by Psyguy

WHOO! Who is ready for some MORE WITH LYRICS VIDEOS! Not done by Brentalfloss! I know I am. So let's get started. I did all the arrangements and I've had associates (slaves) do the rest of the work for me! Enjoy!

WHEEee! Wasn't that fun, kids?

What if...Ponies had lyrics?

2012-02-22 10:42:04 by Psyguy

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MP3 (Karaoke):

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What if...Ponies had lyrics?

Looking for Music to use?

2011-07-26 15:26:09 by Psyguy

Hey everybody,

Uh, who am I? I guess I'm mostly known on newgrounds for doing the melody to Waltz of the Forest as well as voicing Renaldo in Super Parody Rangers. Anyways!

If anyone is looking for music to use for their projects feel free to use any of my stuff on the audio portal, no problem.

Check out more of my music here!

- Psy

Egoraptor Interview

2010-12-15 23:00:07 by Psyguy

Today on Whachow we have Egoraptor join us!

As we talk to him about why he is gay, and why he was raped by a dude, not a guy, a dude. We also have Tyson from boxerhockey (per usual) say some very amusing things. Towards the middle we read Personal Fuck Yous and Ego does his (patent pending) Solid Snake voice and I jizz myself a little bit. THEN - THEN - OH HO. THEN. The SOOOOUNDS GOOD. It is not to be missed. One of the best shows. EV4R.

Egoraptor Interview

Need a voice?

2009-03-23 10:05:51 by Psyguy

Need a voice?


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Send your script over to, and get the voice you need today!

edit: Just a minor note here, I'd like to see the whole script (not just my parts) - I've had a couple people try to sneak my work into projects, honestly, I'd rather not be associated with. If it's a collab, if you could explain the theme of the collab that would be great. Thanks!


2007-09-23 01:33:53 by Psyguy


Videos on newgrounds

2007-09-19 17:46:05 by Psyguy

I've had a series of movies I've imported into flash and put up on newgrounds.

The videos are just dubs. It takes awhile to do the voices and put all the audio in there - but other than that they're just sound to re-used footage.

Apparently the very thought of something of this medium even crossing such a public display such as newgrounds has pissed off quite a few people. The reasons I've heard thus far have been
1) It's not -really- flash work
2) It's not your art
3) "Everything by everyone" isn't meant to be taken literally.

And, those are very good complaints. If the adimns and mods deem it necessary to remove such content I respect their decision.

But I do have a response -
While the ToS does implicitly say that "if it's not your art - don't upload it" - I need to point the spotlight at sprites and sprite works. The art, while manipulated in such a manner that doesn't reflect movement from the original creators of the art, still isn't the uploader's art. (unless of course the sprites are custom).

Now, I'm well aware sprites is controversial in itself and there is a whole group of people who feel that sprite movies, of any kind, are crap. None the less they are allowed. Beyond that, they have their own sections. Beyond that STILL - they are featured. Super Mario Bros Z, albeit, very good, is still sprites. And yet, is in the top 50 best newgrounds works of -all- -time-.

My videos are ripped and replaced to different sound.
Sprites are ripped and placed to different sound.
Videos aren't allowed yet sprites are?

Again, I'm well aware that sprites give you much more control of the end effect where as video is just - you have a set amount of animation that's it - end of story. The art, however, still isn't created by the uploader. However, in both cases, proper credit -is- given to the creator of said art.

Doesn't that then make the two the same? No?

I make a sprite movie where the animation follows a game sequence -exactly- but is still in flash. I get voice actors to act out a Zelda scene exactly. The art, and now, the animation is exactly the same. But, the sound is different.

Is this allowed?

Should this be deemed acceptable but something like my videos considered a hanus act of breaking the newgrounds ToS?