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Hu huh huh HAY David buddy ol' pal buddy buddy pal buddy buddy just thought this animation was GREAT ho ho YEAH!

I liked the custom animation, which there was plenty of! The voice acting was top notch. The new guy was interesting. The little humor with Kirb and Archy was pretty fun. All around fun. However, there were a couple things that kind of took me out.

I took off half a star because the old walking animations are really disproportionate and reflect the current quality of what you can produce. You use them very often so a plus but when I did see them I was instantly taking out of the experiencing going,

I took off another half star because one scene was just them standing around with, again, the old models. But without them moving or anything it seemed very cheap. And when the whole thing was basically custom I thought it weird you just animate that scene as well.

I take any stars off but will mention I thought ability to subdue Alpha was out of nowhere. a couple purple flames as a hint but that really tell enough. It was just kind of abrupt and just happened. Then her hair changes. What? Why? What on earth? How did? What did? I mean I guess maybe be explained later but been treated like such a back seat character than having her all of a sudden be special somehow to calm Alpha was very odd for me. Her changing her hair seems completely pointless.

Can we have the bad guys stop looming over a cliff to jump down in surprise. Why does everyone do that. starting to becoming a drinking game with TOME. Everytime someone looms over a cliff to jump down, Kirb, Crow Guy, Zetto, Other Nylocke, Dog thing, and Spanish dude. Shit I could be wasted if I marathoned this.

I still feel like there really been any real payoff with anything. After 7 episodes I should feel satisfied with something. These episodes not really a beginning middle and end been stuff will happen later I promise. I just feel like for the time invested I would really like to see some sort of pay off with a villain being stopped. A villain coming to his senses to join the good guys. The Nylocke episode felt the most complete. Everything else just feels a little like, well not buffer but a long car ride. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? That being said, had good long car rides. Just am expecting to be somewhere by now.

Anyways, complaints but not enough to warren star removals. 4/5

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I like it! I took off half a star because you take damage on the crushers if you just touch them. It seems to me that for crushers damage would happen if you were crushed - and didn't just graze along a flat panel. Maybe they should be one-hit kills if you're crushed like Mario? That was it though. Otherwise a very fun game and a pretty unique concept.

Good concept

Looked like you were doing pretty good there. I didn't care of the music at all. I think some sound effects to when he jumps or enemies breach the water would of helped.


Great job

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That's hot


Hell yeah!

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